1. The summary of productive activities of milk and live stoke company in Kangavar
    Agricultural and Animal husbandry Company of milk and livestock in Kangavar (pvt) from subsidiary of Ferdos Pars specialized company of agriculture and animal husbandry belong to Islamic Revolution poor institution that started it’s products since 1388.
    The issue of activities and products of this company concentrate on three areas such as agriculture animal husbandry and vermicomposting originally that we consider happened activity in summary:
    Animal husbandry sector:
    The executive operations of dairy started with apply of senior officials of province since 1377 with goals of activity in agriculture and dairy cattle for continuous production, permanent employment and economic circulation in region by poor institution and with its agency
    The Initial plan of Animal husbandry in this year (1378) and the land with 27 hectares with capacity of 500 productive cattle was started and in 1380 after visited by developed countries in the field of animal husbandry and getting to know with developments in the world, capacity of this plan increase to 1500 productive cattle and in the last of 1383 and after transfer 107 cattle in the form of pregnant Heifers, the production of animal husbandry was stated actually. And in 1390 after approval of live stock development project and increase the capacity of flock, the capacity of productive cattle increase by 1800 cattle. And capacity of total Flock is 3500 cattle in current situation and total production of milk is over 63 tones daily. And average record is about 36 kg for every cattle.
    The nourishment system in this sector is based on free- stall system that sand and compost were used in their bed in salons with old construction with open shade and straw substrate and bagasse were used for them.
    The modern technologies and construction were used in the milking and nourishment salons in this system that they are accepted by getting the points of experts.
    The total investment in animal husbandry is over 195 Billion riyals. And it provide by long time bank loan originally and internal resources of poor institution and company.
    At the moment this company has important role for turning the dairy industry within the province as the biggest milk dairy. And the major industrial milk attract by dairy products in province. And also it introduced as the best industrial cattle in province in 1388, 1389 and 1390 with considering the it’s role and apostolate of this company in it’s mission goals for producing healthy and high quality products and with codification of related regulations and instructions and explaining the standards within the organization and observing the state standards and regulations related to this product for implementing and running the quality management system ISO 9001-2008, under the Alliance certification body worked out since 1385 until now and products of animal husbandry are produced under the standard certification.
    Agricultural sector
    The whole land in agricultural sector is 250 hectares that includes of three agricultural unit, Rostam Abad, Ali Abad and Soltan Abad and. Conceded with start of animal husbandry activities by department of natural resources and in format of national resources lands in the order to cultivation forage crops and with considering to agriculture and no history of farming and several limitation in the field of physicochemical that saw in this land improved the basic infrastructure proceedings in the event of correction, and it’s resuscitation includes of construction of main and sub drainage channels, the road between farms, relative leveling increasing a lot of manure and vegetable soil and… and as a result, these activities make this land more fertility and increase the function of different agricultural products and after two steps in 1388 and 1392 with executive pressurized irrigation system (fixed classic) all of the land equipped with fixed classic sprinklers and all of the investments for sprinklers system are provided by grant loan from government resource, bank loans and agricultural bank.
    The major products of this company includes of wheat grain, wheat, Lucerne and maize that they consumed by animal husbandry majorly. And supply about 20% of needs of animal husbandry sector. And also agricultural crops such as rapeseeds and beat cultivate in these lands and needs water resources supplied by 7 deep holes.
    Direct job creation of company in the different parts of agriculture and animal husbandry and also vermicomposting production sector and organic fertilizer is about 130 persons that they work with direct contract and in the from of contracting groups inside the company and also in the indirect form by support groups in pre-and post chains of agricultural and animal husbandry employed about 1000 persons.
    Vermicomposting production and enriched organic fertilizers sector:
    With considering the large quantities of manure that produce in company daily the planning for managing this waste is necessary, also it should be note that manure produced by cattle usually depot in a site and after one year spoiled and after that it consumed for farming or unfortunately burned in some cases and during Depo-off. It’s gas are polluters and considered as green gas and liquids that run from precipitation rainfall are polluters for a quivers. In milk and livestock company of Kangavar, this threat for environment happen in two ways and at the moment total produced fertilizer collect daily and squeeze out by a manure drying system (separator) and then dried fertilizer depot serially and aerated with organized schedule and it’s humidity and temperature were controlled during this process after 1.5 month the fertilizer convert to compost and apart of them in a 0/5 hectare site inside the company convert to vermicompst by adding special worm Ayzynyafutyda for 25-4 month.
    That this organic fertilizer is one of the best agricultural fertilizers in the world
    Production capacity for this site is 1000 tone high quality vermicomposting that it value is produced by. Company now and the product of vermicomposting on the need of consumer associated with good luck especially vegetable farm and gardens.
    A part of produced compost formulated in company by plant nutrition and soil science professionals and it convert to Granulated by adding micro nutrients that this use in different formulas and packing in 25kg with soil pervert brand for agricultural, garden and green house or in parks and green spaces. That after setting up the main line of this unit in the last months of this year, that total production reach about 5000 tones, and this company is ready to produce and order the product with every manufacturing analysis by consumers.
    Mahidasht project
    One of the underway projects of this company in this year (Farvardin) and after full study in the field of industrial cattle in province and its executive operation is started. The project of cattle construction for 3000 productive cattle is for Mahidasht. That with great track and with supports of all respected authorities in province (Agricultural organization, agricultural bank. And government…) implement all activities from choose of land to other forming and finishing file and authentication for it from the national development fund (1393) and contracts of mentioned facility designs with agency of agricultural bank
    Prediction of executive steps of plan in the form of 3 years and during 3 phases that every phase, 1000 heifers operated that they are Holstein that they are from the great foundation cattle around country, and we’ll witness the opening project by maximum capacity for 3000 productive cattle and totally 6000 cattle.
    Direct job creation of this project is 150 people and indirect form of it is 150 people in pre and post chains of this industry include of providers, buyers, farmers and suppliers of the livestock units and factories…
    One of the executive advantage of this project excluding direct and indirect job creation is help to remove and decrease local exclusion, improvement of dairy products with increasing the needed raw material (industrial milk), improvement of industry in live stock sector and empowerment of most of them and in creasing the empowerment of technical knowledge and all usages of this industry, creating the pattern of suitable culture proportional to needs for forage and grains. Help to sustainable development, help to
    Excellent milk production with high quality in province and also helps to supply the heifers and fattening vales for industry of this province important problems and issues of project and executive operations and expected executive………………solutions.
    Supplying needed debt mountain from the nearest area to site (radius 15 kg) placed around central prison of Mahidasht for accelerating development of project as soon as possible observance and agreement for the privacy Road interval about 70 m (spacing site from Ax road in current situation is about 122,) for suitable use of width of land and suitable ventilated and also save costs of installation and building and better exposure and machinery and better stating position.
    Acceleration for tooling one well drilling (the third hale) and apply to convert the operation license (2 holes) for this company.
    Cooperation for supplying the needed power about 750 kW based on the tariff of agricultural sector. Assistance and coordination regarding to supply most of machinery that needed for public sector or possibly in part of needed operating activities acceleration in payment of bank’s attribution for accelerating the project development.